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Every personal injury and workers’ compensation case is different and the result depends on the seriousness of the injury, the degree of the defendant’s responsibility, any negligence on the part of the person injured, the manner in which the facts of the injury are documented, the timeliness in seeking legal advice, prior medical history, and many other factors specific to the case. These results are not to be construed as a guarantee, expectation or warranty of any type.

Jacobsma & Brau delivers winning results for our clients. From workers’ compensation legal services to bodily injury cases and Estate Planning legal representation across Los Angeles County, Orange County, Santa Fe Springs and Southern California, we always put the best interests of our clients first.

Below is a synopsis of some of our past cases. We look forward to providing you with outstanding legal representation.

Bicycle Injury in Los Angeles, CA – $750,000.0 Bicyclist struck by motor vehicle outside of crosswalk suffering fractured leg and pelvis.

Auto Accident in Montclair, CA – $250,000.00 Maximum Workers’ Compensation death benefits for spouse

Personal Injury in Bellflower, CA – $100,000.00 Pedestrian struck by Uninsured motorist injures knee

Workers’ Compensation Injury in Whittier, CA 100% Trial Award with Life Pension Construction worker falls and suffers spinal injuries.

Workers’ Compensation injury in La Habra, CA- $634,711.52 Worker suffers multiple injuries when display falls on foot

Trip and Fall Injury, Los Angeles, CA – $95,000.00 Pedestrian falls on cracked sidewalk vault cover injures ankle – disputed liability

Workers’ Compensation Injury in Norwalk, CA – $150,000.00 Grocery clerk injures wrist and upper extremity

Auto Accident in Whittier, CA – $72,500.00 Rear end auto accident resulting in back injury

Workers ‘Compensation injury in Pico Rivera, CA – $199,746.79 Structured Settlement Bank clerk suffers repetitive injuries to back, knees, wrists

Workers’ Compensation Injury in Santa Fe Springs, CA – $95,000.00 Truck driver falls on dock injuring shoulder

Automobile Accident in Newport Beach, CA – $90,000.00 Intersection collision results in shoulder surgery for Los Alamitos driver.

Workers’ Compensation injury in Los Angeles, CA – $313,947.00 Structured Settlement Long Beach Nurse suffers injury to back requiring surgery

Workers’ Compensation Injury in Whittier, CA – 75% Award plus Life Pension Cemetery worker injures neck requiring surgery

Workers’ Compensation Injury in Long Beach, CA – $322,000.00 Grocery store baker suffered repetitive trauma injuries to back and upper extremities

Personal Injury in Rancho Cucamonga, CA – $100,000.00 Policy Limits Whittier resident injured in rear end freeway accident

Workers’ Compensation Injury in Santa Fe Springs, CA – $175,000.00 Whittier resident suffers de-gloving and crush injuries to hand while working on a grinder

Auto Accident in La Mirada, CA – $85,000.00 Rear end auto accident resulting in back injury

Workers’ Compensation Injury in Whittier, CA $125,000.00 Warehouseman suffers injury to back and right arm

Workers’ Compensation Injury in City of Industry, CA $191,000.00 Paramount Machine Operator caught hand in machine resulting in finger amputations

Workers’ Compensation Injury in Santa Fe Springs, CA $125,000.00 Cerritos Shipping clerk suffers injury to back while lifting

Personal Injury in Cypress, CA $150,000.00 In a premises liability matter, Downey resident falls through false ceiling injuring knee and back

Products Liability accident in Garden Grove, CA $167,000.00 Machine operator from Whittier suffers crush injury to hand as a result of defective press machine

Auto Accident in Las Vegas, NV $100,000.00 Policy Limits Long Beach driver and passengers injured in intersection accident.

Six Figure Jury Verdict Againts Manhattan Beach, CA Student struck in crosswalk by uninsured driver on the way to school results in six figure jury verdict against local school district and the City of Manhattan Beach.

High Six Figure Settlement in Los Angeles, CA Worker suffering amputation from faulty bailing machine in the City of Los Angeles results in high six figure policy limit settlement against manufacturer of bailer.

Six Figure Confidential Settlement, Los Angeles, CA Truck driver suffers operable back injury from fall off faulty ladder in the City of Los Angeles. This results in high six figure confidential settlement.