Finding Insurance Coverage For Your Injury Claim

Suppose you are seriously injured by someone who has no assets and no insurance. What do you do? Consider the case of Mr Smith, a pedestrian who was struck in the cross walk by a driver who had no assets and no insurance. What is Mr. Smith to do? Mr Smith owns a car and has insurance on his vehicle.  If Mr. Smith were to consult the law firm of Jacobsma & Brau we would advise him that he can bring a claim under the uninsured motorist provisions of his automobile policy. This is true despite the fact that he was a pedestrian and nowhere near his car at the time he was injured. Mr. Smith’s uninsured motorist coverage applies regardless of where or how the accident occurred because the accident was caused by an uninsured motorist. If you are seriously injured it is important that your attorney understand the intricacies of the insurance coverage which may or may not apply to your injury.

Both Laila Havre Jacobsma and Paul D. Brau have years of experience in finding insurance coverage in injury cases where it is not immediately apparent that the insurance applies. Suppose a homeowner strikes you with a shopping cart and knocks you down severely injuring you in the supermarket.  Here again, the homeowner is covered for his negligent act in striking you under his homeowner’s insurance policy and you can bring a claim under that insurance coverage even though the accident occurred far from home at the supermarket. At the law firm of Jacobsma & Brau we are available  free of charge to analyze any personal injury case in order to ascertain what, if any, insurance coverage applies.