Fighting Parasitic Health Insurers

A very common scenario is as follows: Mr. Jones has an accident of some kind and is very seriously injured. It really does not matter what kind of an accident. It could be an automobile accident, a slip and fall, or a dog bite. What matters is that Mr. Jones has health insurance and his medical bills are paid by his health insurance company. Mr. Jones now sues the party responsible for his accident and obtains a settlement or award . However, before the ink is even dry on the documents Mr. Jones’ health insurance company comes in and claims all or a substantial part of the settlement or award based on the fact that the health insurance company paid the medical bills.

Fortunately, there are strategies that can be employed to minimize or even eliminate claims by these parasitic health insurers for all or a substantial part of your settlement or award. At the law firm of Jacobsma & Brau we strive to not only obtain a fair and reasonable settlement for you, but to protect your settlement or award from the claims of third parties such as your health insurance company. This is a very complex area of the law and it is important that your attorney be experienced in resisting in whole, or in part, claims for reimbursement by health insurance companies and others whose claims can put your settlement or award at risk. Both Laila Havre Jacobsma and Paul D. Brau have years of experience in fighting the practices of parasitic health insurance companies and others who would like to assert a claim against your injury settlement or award. In short, at the law firm of Jacobsma & Brau we not only fight to get you the best settlement or award possible, we fight so that you can keep it.